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Adjustable Earcuffs



To bring a unique and inimitable style to your ears, ear cuffs, also called ear cartilage jewelry, are today’s real must-have. The ear cuffsbreak the codes of traditional earrings and will bring more attitude and lots of charm to your ears. Horace offers you a wide choice of ear cuffs, to give a strong look to your ear jewelry. Hypoallergenic stainless steel, silver or gold, find the jewelry that will highlight your ears!

Ear cuffs of all styles

Cartilage jewelry is very popular today. To stand out with your personal style, we offer different styles of ear cuffs. Are you more discreet in nature? Our Basic Ear Cuff will allow you to express yourself with a reserved charm. Are you more into standing out among the others? Perfect, our Allega Ear Cuff will highlight your originality ! 

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Whatever your personality and your desires, find the ear cuff you need at Horace! And to never lose these little treasures, why not treat yourself to one of our jewelry travel cases ?

From gold to silver, to complete your style

In addition to the style of your ear cuff, it is also the material chosen that will make you stand out from the ordinary or will complement your other jewelry. Our ear cuffs are available in many metals such as gold, sterling silver .925 or stainless steel. We also like to combine these “traditional” metals with others such as zircon, as on our Pavé Ear Cuff. This one mixes zircon with gold and silver, to shine bright in your daily life!

All the charm of ear cuffs in one collection. Mix styles and materials to express your personality. Ear cuffs are the perfect complement to pendants and rings, find the perfect match!

If you want to have fun and treat your ears with a comfortable ear cuff, shop today and enjoy free delivery!