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Need something new in your accessories? There is something for everyone in our online jewelry store! Our necklaces are made with different materials that have the advantage of not rusting or plating. When jewelry care recommendations are followed, gold necklaces particularly benefit from these tips!

We love using different bases for our necklaces, such as .925 sterling silver, 18K gold plating, pearls, beads or natural stones. To add a touch of colour or originality, gemstones such as agate, amazonite, moonstone or opal are used in our necklaces for women. The use of these materials allows us to offer quality and hypoallergenic jewelry.
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Delicate Chains

For everyday glam, there's nothing like a necklace to elevate your style. We like to combine a few delicate silver chains on a stand-up collar or a turtleneck.. The necklaces layering is fit for a fashionista! Also, astrology enthusiasts can show off their pride with our zodiac sign necklaces. For once, the Libras will have no difficulty in making a choice!

Edgy necklaces

To stand out or activate the girl boss in your life, there's nothing like a statement necklace. Skane-style chains or imposing pendants necklaces are perfect for creating that bold look. In fact, our fabulous collaborations with blogger Lapiz of Luxury often produce amazing necklaces with thick or complex links.

Romantic pearls and necklaces

At Horace, we love love <3. The romantic accessory par excellence is the pearl and we have everything you need to equip you before a date. As a charm or a chain, there is a pearl necklace waiting for you. Also, words fly away but jewelry remains! Express your love with a jewel that shows your feelings, like the + qu’hier - que demain (more than yesterday, less than tomorrow). From our Montreal workshop to you across Canada, find a point of sale near you!