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Passion Jewelry: here is your destination! For casual pieces that are nothing but ordinary, it's worth taking a look at our collection of bracelets. Delicate or bold, classic or flashy, one of our bracelets for women will be the perfect complement to your outfit. Also, discover our anklets collections, perfect for summer!
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Our wristbands are made of hypoallergenic materials, such as brass, silver or stainless steel. In addition, the plating of the jewelry is made from 18K gold, which minimizes the possibility of allergic reactions. We do not use nickel in our creations, a metal very often responsible for irritation. You don't want to take any risks? There are also several cute beaded bracelets in our online jewelry store. Among our favorite trends of the moment, freshwater pearls inspire us! You will find pearly jewelry everywhere in our online boutique. We have a weakness for Perno stud earrings paired with the Perelo pearl bracelet.

Once you have received your wrist or ankle bracelet, don't forget a few practical care tips to keep your silver or gold bracelets as shiny as the first day! Are you looking to avoid the entanglement of your jewelry? Our travel cases are exactly made for that!