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Sterling silver .925 earrings



Horace jewelry brand’s essence is a timeless style with a touch of originality! From cute charm earrings to elegant buttons, silver hoops to dangling earrings, everyone will find the perfect accessory. Whether it’s for everyday life or a more chic event, a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry is waiting for you!

Sterling Silver Earrings

For many of us, wearing jewelry can cause skin irritation. With the collection of hypoallergenic earrings, you no longer have to worry about skin reactions. Indeed, all the earrings in this collection are in .925 silver. This name designates the percentage of silver used in the jewelry, meaning 92.5%. Why not 100%? In fact silver is a rather soft metal and would warp too easily if used in its pure form. Silver is well tolerated by the skin and very rarely causes reactions, unlike nickel. All of our sterling silver earrings are exempt from this material.

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Among our selection of earrings for women (and men!),there is really something out there for every taste! Let yourself be tempted by a pair of silver sleeper earrings like the delicate Ciroca or the timeless Dolka. Want to get out of the ordinary? Many of our .925 earrings are set with a design and lovely charm. Plus, who said hypoallergenics don't rhyme with a look that stands out? Many of our earrings feature vibrant colors, like the Cinquo piece!

You love earring jewelry, but your ears are not pierced? Discover the adjustable ear cuff, a silver jewel that does not require ear piercing. This jewel gently embraces the cartilage of your ear for a bold style. Shop Canadian jewelry online today!