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Stainless steel jewelry



Wearing a jewel for the first time that you find too cute to be true puts you in a good mood indeed! But what a disappointing feeling when you notice that your new jewel rust or worse, cause you irritations. We understand the burden of having sensitive skin and that is why we have diversified our materials to offer you a collection of hypoallergenic stainless steel jewelry. This metal known for its durability and for the few allergic reactions it causes.

A stainless and hypoallergenic metal

Stainless steel is, as its name suggests, a rustproof metal. This means that despite the years, your jewel will not rust or tarnish, The stainless steel retains its shine much better than with other raw materials. The sustainability of stainless steel jewelry is therefore unparalleled. In addition, stainless steel jewelry also has the property of being hypoallergenic. They are therefore safe for your skin. Allergic reactions to this metal are very rare

The biggest benefit we see using stainless steel is that you can keep your jewelry in the shower. Yes it’s true!

Learn more about the stainless steel collection

So many advantages with these jewels which are just as stylish than the rest of our collection. One of the pieces that our customers love to give as gifts are the stainless steel necklaces representing the flower of the month of birth, such as the Rose of the month June. Tough and durable, yet delicate, these necklaces beautifully express the affection you have for the person who receives it.

You will also find a host of whether funky or dainty stainless steel jewels among our collections. We like to mix jewelry styles by including other materials like freshwater pearls, as on the lovely Erlo necklace, or color patterns as on the Aceto earrings.

Stainless steel for all your jewelry

Our range of stainless steel pieces is available in every jewelry type : rings, earrings, necklaces and even bracelets. From the imposing to the delicate, there is something for everyone, from the stylish large cuban link of our Baddia necklace to the more classic style of The Signet ring

Our jewelry is also available in other materials such as  sterling silver .925 or gold. Very beautiful precious metals, but for which we cannot guarantee that they will remain as beautiful if they are in contact with water. Think about in advance to choose the jewel best suited for your lifestyle!

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